Our Story

In 2010, after 10 long years of struggling with a weak immune system that his doctor managed with constant antibiotics, Warren was sick and tired of being sick and tired! He visited a top ENT specialist, who offered no solution other than a lifetime of chronic medication.

Unsatisfied, Warren began a search for alternative answers, he met a naturopath who conducted a blood microcirculation analysis and suggested a series of lifestyle changes. Warren took his health into his own hands, ditched the prescription pills and radically changing his diet. His health was upgraded forever. Months passed and the sickness was gone; Warren was feeling better than ever. And just like that, a deep passion for wellness was born.

 Warren spent the better part of the next decade obsessively devoting his free time to researching the links between food, lifestyle and health. Ahead of the wellness curve and deeply passionate about natural healing, he soon ended up appearing on TV and radio shows as a health and nutrition expert. He developed and perfected his own nutrient-dense, protein-packed superfood smoothie blends, as there was nothing on the market that ticked all his boxes. He shared these blends with his friends and family, and they tasted so good and made everyone feel so great that they demanded he create a range of products. He took a leap of faith and left his successful career to pursue his passion and launch Wazoogles.

 Wazoogles started with a smoothie stand at a local organic farmers’ market and is today the brand leader in its category, sells in 700+ retailers around South Africa, is available in more than 4 countries and has a global cult fanbase. Warren leads his team nomadically, still constantly looking for new powerful plants and always planning his next superfood creation.