Our Story

We are passionate surfers, chefs, travellers and yogi’s who are grounded and immersed in the present beauty of the natural world. We are brothers, born four years apart and raised in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Gavin is an advertising photographer with a thriving career and Warren, a seasoned graphic designer, is a successful jeweller and diamond consultant. Why did we divert time from our busy professional lives to create an innovative and unique product like Wazoogles?

Our vibrant passion is the product of adversity. While leading an active lifestyle in Cape Town, Warren constantly battled with his immune system; colds and the flu often forced him to sit at home while his mates tortured him with stories of epic waves and stand-up barrels. When western medicine failed and eastern medicine prevailed, he realised how vital food actually is to a healthy body and mind. After thousands of hours of reading, self-study and sharing good food with family and friends, Warren slowly, but naturally embraced a plant-based whole foods lifestyle with an emphasis on superfoods and Chinese medicinal super herbs.

From visiting his GP every 4-6 weeks, Warren has not seen his face in years, neither has he taken any pharmaceuticals. He doesn’t get sick anymore, he has constant energy, sleeps like a baby and always has a HUGE smile on his face. The proof was in the eating and life tasted amazing. Warren then converted Gavin to the world of superfoods and plant-based living after he experienced similar challenges with his immune system whilst battling against chronic fatigue syndrome.

 Sick and tired of witnessing large food companies pull the wool over consumer’s eyes, they decided to develop their own product. Something real, a product where the front of the pack is as honest as the back. Sourcing from the smallest and most ethical farms around the globe, from 14,000ft on the peaks on the Andes Mountains in Peru to the tropical Amazon rainforest, the foods sourced for this product are some of the most nutrient dense foods on this planet. As two passionate brothers, they have developed something that is packed with all the essential minerals and nutrients that are by large lacking in the in-organic mass produced agricultural food system of today. A product that not only makes you feel amazing, but is absolutely delicious and takes no more than 2 minutes to make. Focussing on convenience, health and taste, Warren and Gavin wanted to share their knowledge and passion and make this lifestyle accessible to everyone and this is their first step, the first step of many. Welcome to the world of Wazoogles.